Best of Shukra Niti – By Sage Shukracharya

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Best of Shukra-Niti by Maharishi Guru Shukraacharya

The mere mention of a woman’s name delights a person and his thoughts are filled with lust, then why not by looking at a beautiful woman who makes her eyebrows dance.

Why not a woman, who is clever enough to have her food alone, who talks softly and delightfully, who can taunt affectionately, will capture the heart of any man.

The lust for ‘other women’ has caused destruction to many men like Indra, Dandakya, Nahusha and Ravana.

A king should never have lust for ‘other women’, should never have greed for ‘other’s wealth’, should never give punishment to his subject in anger because ‘Lust’, ‘Greed’ and ‘Anger’ are the causes for downfall.

If there is a fear of the food being poisoned, then it should be examined by the help of a monkey, cock etc. The mere sight of the poisoned food makes a swan (Hansa) to totter, the black bee begins to make a noise, the peacock begins to dance, the cock begins to ‘crow’, the Heron (KRAUNCH PAKSHI) gets intoxicated, the monkey begins to pass ‘filth’ and urine, the mongoose (BABHRU) gets excited, the ‘starling’ (SAARIKA PAKSHI) starts vomiting- These are the ways to examine the poisoned food. The king and his administrators must examine the food, whether it is poisoned or not, before consuming it.

One should not clean his nostrils by inserting fingers in it, should not draw lines on the earth suddenly or should not dig the earth. One should not scratch his head with both the hands.

One who ignites fire and causes destruction, one who gives poison, one who is Eveready to kill intoxicated by the power of his sword, one who plunders others wealth, one who overtakes others farm and woman- should be considered as a TYRANT.

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