How to Get Siddhis : By the Lord of Yoga (Krishna)

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The Lord Krishna said: “The Yogi who has controlled his senses and Pranas, who is balanced, and who concentrates the mind on Me, attains various powers or Siddhis.”

Uddhava said: “Tell me, O Krishna, what kind of power comes by any particular kind of concentration and how? How many are these powers? It is Thou who conferest powers on the Yogins.”

The Lord said: “Eighteen are the powers declared by those who are experts or adepts in Yoga. Eight of these belong to Me. They are higher powers. They are normally the powers of Isvara. They exist in a somewhat lesser degree in those who approach the state of Isvara. The remaining ten are due to highly developed Sattva Guna.

Anima, the power of becoming as small as an atom, Mahima the power to assume the biggest size, Garima, the power of becoming very heavy, Laghima the power of becoming very light—these are the powers belonging to the body.

Prapti, the power to act with the senses of all beings in association with their presiding deities; Prakamya, power of enjoying all objects seen or unseen (heard through the scriptures). Isatva, rulership or Lordship (exercising an influence over all as Lord: Vasitva, non-attachment to objects (power of self-control); to be free from the desire for sensuous enjoyments, Kamavasayitva; the power of attaining all desires—These are my eight natural, essential and infinite Siddhis. They normally exist in Me.

Cessation of hunger and thirst, hearing from a distance (Doorasravana), seeing from a distance (Dooradarshana), swiftness or motion of the body like that of wind (Manojava); assuming any form at will (Kamarupam); entering into another’s body (Parakaya pravesham); joining in the recreation of the gods (Devanam saha kreedanudarshanam); death at one’s own will (Svachhanda mrityu); the attainment of desire for objects (Yathasankalpa Samsiddhi); to command unopposed everywhere—these are the ten Siddhis that relate to the Gunas.

Knowledge of the past, present and future (Trikalajnana), control over the pairs of opposites such as heat and cold, reading other’s mind, counteracting the influence of fire, sun, water, poison and the like; invincibility or not being overcome by anybody (Parajaya)—these are five smaller Siddhis. These are the powers that are obtained through Yogic concentration.

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