Pisces (मीन राशि) – Annual Predictions (Quarterly) 2014


Pisces (मीन राशि) – Annual Predictions 2014

Ist Qtr (Jan-March 2014)

Your status in the circle of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances will increase. You are likely to receive direct benefits and indirect favours from your friends in high places. You may secure a more responsible position and your earnings might receive a boost.

You should try your level best to avoid direct conflicts and quarrels of every sort. The relationship with your spouse and/ or with your business-partner (if any) might become deteriorated, and people in general may appear to you as have become far more aggressive and very demanding. You may have some disagreements with the authorities and they might prove to be unforgiving. Besides, you may suffer from some minor ailments like stomachache, eye-disease, etc.

Your prosperity will be continued and progress will be by leaps and bounds. You are likely to receive direct benefits and active support from your friends in high places, and a newer avenue might open up for you. You will increase your accumulations by using your wise discretion and by means of prudent investments. Your importance in the social circle will also increase considerably.

You are likely to have differences and misunderstandings with your close relations, for which you may feel very dejected and unhappy. You may face humiliations from close acquaintances, may have some fear from animals roaming on the roads or receive minor injury as a result of impact, slipping or fall.

You may get entangled in a serious dispute with a powerful and influential person, and you may remain in fear of losing your position and honour. The developments at your workplace might be quite disturbing, your progress may come to a standstill, and your prospect may appear to be bleak. You should try to cross over the bad patch of time by lying low and going slow.

Your spouse or you may suffer from some health-complication, which may become aggravated intermittently and finding full cure may appear to be difficult. The developments at your workplace might be quite discouraging and your earnings may become reduced. You should also avoid having any disputes with the govt.-authorities.

You may find difficulty owing to blockage of funds or may even incur some losses — owing to misplaced trust. You should remain very careful and keep a clean slate in case of tax-matters; otherwise, you could be embracing troubles. Some of your family members may start asserting their differences with you in almost all important matters and frequently you may have to change your decisions in order to appease them.

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